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OSP60 หัวโพรบแบบ High Accuracy สำหรับเครื่อง CNC – RENISHAW

Explore the SPRINT technology

SPRINT technology overview with orange text

Robustness True 3D data Advanced calculations Differential calibration Responsiveness Machine position data integration Optical transmission

Advanced calculations

Using the Productivity+™ CNC plug-in software, the SPRINT system delivers enhanced feature definition and measurement accuracy that can be seamlessly integrated into automated process control applications.

Through close integration of CNC plug-in software with the machine tool controller, advanced data fitting and analysis algorithms can be employed to calculate the measured positions, sizes and forms of prismatic features using the thousands of data points acquired during feature measurements. The result is a step-change in measurement performance, whilst still providing measured results in a format that can be used by the machine tool controller to perform in-process control applications, such as adjusting cutter length, diameter compensations and updating work co-ordinates.