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Kennametal Endmill


GOmill™ solid end mills

・ballnose, chamfer, and sharp corner styles available in metric dimensions.

・made specifically for short-length-of-cut applications in a wide range of materials

・3-flute sharp and 4-flute chamfer styles for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing applications.

・All three styles are ideal for slotting and side milling up to 1xD.


Speciality Application Finishing End Mills

b-01-2 ・Buttonhead-style cutters for shrink fit and threaded shank holders.

・Tapered ball nose cutters for power generation applications.

Square End Mills – Finishing

・Available in 2- and 3-flute styles for slotting and pocketing.

・Multiple-flute styles for profiling and finishing in hard materials.

・More flutes, higher feed rates, more rigid tools, good chip removal.


Square End Mills – Roughing & Semi Finishing

b-01-4 ・Maximum metal removal rates in slotting, profiling, and pocketing on any surface finish.

・Fewer passes needed in heavier cuts.

・Light finishing pass with multiple-flute tool achieves final surface finish.

・Big savings in machining time with material-specific profiles designs.

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